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madhavi latha romance looking

madhavi latha romance looking
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Name : Madhavi Latha

Occupation : Actress

First Film : Nachavule!

First Hero : Tanish

First Director : Ravi Babu

First Producer : Ramoji Rao

Mother Tongue : Hindi

Hair Color : Black

Mother : Home Maker

Religion : Hindu

Nationality : Indian

Likes : Indian classical music

Madhavi Latha is an Indian actress. In today's glamerous world of 'bold is beautiful' madhavi latha with her traditional Indian looks and outlook provides a refreshing change from all the controversy hungry starlets we usually get to see in the media. She is trained in Carnatic music and also she can speaks English, Hindi amd Tamil. Madhavi Latha made her acting debut in Ravi Babu 2008 Telugu film Nachavule! with Tanish. Her next film Snehithuda in 2009 directed by Satyam Bellamkonda.

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